The Hand of Lou Diamond

The Hand of Lou Diamond Young Nicolette Devereux, an orphan raised in a San Francisco brothel, is sent to a Nashville finishing school for young ladies. Dismissed, she must make her way back, relying on her wits and her skill at card games. Handsome riverboat gambler Ethan Diamond takes Nicolette in hand, but then sells her to a New Orleans brothel. She avoids prostitution with her skills at poker under the name Lou...

Guns of the Texas Ranger

Guns of the Texas Ranger When Texas Ranger Ygnacio (“Nacho”) Ybarra slips across the border into Mexico, he is surprised by bandits and taken to confront an old acquaintance, Pancho Villa. The revolutionary leader charges Nacho to assist in corralling a rogue outlaw, Chulo Valdez. But that bandit lure Nacho into an attack on his own Ranger Company. Guns of the Texas Ranger, volume one in Border Trilogy, is a...

Code of the Texas Ranger

Code of the Texas Ranger Old-time Texas Ranger Whitey Wilson is not welcome when he rides into the South Texas town of Kingsville. His old compadre, former Ranger Red Regan is sheriff and resents Wilson’s interference. Both men courted Mable Regan, who is now Red’s wife, and jealousies erupt when Whitey comes to town. What does Whitey want? The sheriff’s job? Or his wife? Follow the further adventures...

Revenge of the Texas Ranger

Revenge of the Texas Ranger On his final assignment Texas Ranger Whitey Wilson is gunned down from ambush and then accused of murder. His friends Red and Mabel Regan hurry to his side along with their son Buck Regan. But who is Buck’s biological father? Does old Ranger Nacho Ybarra hold the key to Whitey’s survival? Purchase ISBN 978-1-61009-095-7

Escape from the Alamo

Escape from the Alamo Remember the Alamo! The defenders fought bravely, to the last man, giving their lives for freedom and the Republic of Texas. But suppose one of those warriors survived the battle? What could he do? Where could he go? He’s suppose to be dead. Escape from the Alamo is the story of young George Hanks, an ever-grinning Tennessee lad called “Possum” by Davy Crockett. No longer...